Due to their durability, functionality and cost efficiency plastic bags have become an inseparable marketing tool in the modern business world. Our bags are produced from high density polyethylene or HDPE (light, check-out style bags), low density polyethylene - LDPE (heavier, tougher plastic bags found in boutique and department stores) and medium density - MDPE. The production process is supplemented by oxo-biodegradable (d2w) components in an effort to make it more environmentally sustainable.
Soft loop (transparent, white or custom colored)
LDPE, HDPE, MDPE from 25 till 80um
Foil colors:
transparent, white or custom colored
Flexo, maximum 6 colors
Minimal print volume::
Bags width:
18 - 70cm.

polyethylene typefinishings
HDPE - High density polyethylene bags
Light, check-out style bags found in most supermarket chains. HDPE bags are most commonly 10 - 20 micrometers thick and meant as single-use. They usually feature functional handles and a simple design overprint. HDPE bags can be ordered in a verity of shapes and sizes for non-standard applications such as car tire bags.

LDPE – Low density polyethylene bags
Heavier, tougher plastic bags found in boutique and department stores. Usually over 40 micrometers thick, they come with a reinforced cut-out or a soft loop handle (fuzed foil strap). This type of bags is best suited for attention-drawing, commercial overprints.

MDPE – medium density polyethylene bags
Placed in between HDPE and LDPE in terms of thickness. Consistency and texture resemble frozen foil with a milky, semi transparent finish for colourless variants.

In the first stage of production a polyethylene foil sleave of the designated thickness, colour and diamiter is created. The overprint is added to the sleave next. This process is the same regardless of the polyethylene density or number of foil layers. The final stage of production is determined by the handle type with a separate, percise die-cuting and fuzing machines being used for each type.
matte lacquer
metallic paints
D2W addon*
* Oxy-biodegradable foil based on technology from British company Symphony. The bag is ecological, fully degradable, can be reused.

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